Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Our site, including surrounding cities, and kibbutzes, is at the height of gnat season. That's right readers, those small seemingly harmless insects have just about taken over the lives of your loved ones over in Israel. Did you know that they bite? Yeah. Not fun. They are especially bad in the morning, when there is no breeze to deter them. Unfortunately, that is the exact time that we all have to dig. This does, however, make for some very interesting outfits in attempt to hide from these awful insects. Above is most of the square lead by Amy. From left to right: Becca, Richie, Tracy, Amy, and Joey.

Clare shows off her technique for keeping the gnats off.

Jordan from Macalester covers up.

Another amazing outfit by Clare.

Jake takes a moment from working to show off his head covering.

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